ROS Rollentechnik Senergy Poly-V
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Motor roller Senergy Poly-V

Tube Ø: 50 mm
  • Max. bearing capacity 50 kg
  • 24V motor
  • Electronic brake function
  • IP54
  • IP66 optional


Accessories: ConveyLinx Ai 2

Controller ConveyLinx Ai 2

Roller with a brushless 24V motor

The Senergy® motor-driven roller is a genuine innovation. It is the first roller with a brushless 24V motor to be fitted with a standard four-pin M8 connector. A patent is now pending on this new technology. It is the digital encoding of the hall-effect signals in the motor that enables signal transmission to the external commutation electronics. The motor temperature is encoded and analysed in a similar way. This reliably protects the motor from overheating by effecting downward regulation as soon as a critical temperature is measured. Moreover the serial number and production date are stored on the µ controller.

Since the system employs M8 plug connectors, the connecting cable can be easily lengthened using standard retail M8 extension cables of up to 5 metres. The robust plug system is also protected against incorrect insertion. The Senergy® motor-driven roller is available in all common overdrive types such as the Poly-V. With eleven different gear reduction ratios and a nominal power rating of 40 W, it can be used to modify a wide range of applications. A special IP66 certified seal is available for use in wet room areas and there is also a version for use in deepfreeze applications, suitable for temperatures down to -30° C. In addition, various special applications can be accommodated.


  • cylindric
  • galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • lenghts from 300 to 1000 mm
  • Control system (Convey linx) with boost mode
  • adjustable electronic brake function
  • up to 50 kg/roller

Driver Download:

Drive specifications

PGD Ai ECO-Mode (40 W)

Speed CodeSpeedContinuous torqueBreak torqueAcceleration torque
150,3 m/s2,7 Nm14,74 Nm4,46 Nm
200,5 m/s1,98 Nm10,81 Nm3,27 Nm
250,6 m/s1,62 Nm8,85 Nm2,67 Nm
350,8 m/s1,20 Nm6,55 Nm1,98 Nm
451 m/s1 Nm5,46 Nm1,65 Nm
601,40 m/s0,73 Nm4,00 Nm1,21 Nm
751,70 m/s0,60 Nm3,28 Nm0,99 Nm
952,20 m/s0,52 Nm2,83 Nm0,86 Nm

Senergy Ai BOOST-Mode (50 W)

Speed CodeSpeedContinuous torqueBreak torqueAcceleration torque
150,25 m/s4,86 Nm19,25 Nm8,02 Nm
200,33 m/s3,56 Nm14,11 Nm5,88 Nm
250,42 m/s2,92 Nm11,55 Nm4,81 Nm
350,58 m/s2,16 Nm8,55 Nm3,56 Nm
450,75 m/s1,80 Nm7,13 Nm2,97 Nm
601 m/s1,32 Nm5,23 Nm2,18 Nm
751,25 m/s1,08 Nm4,28 Nm1,78 Nm
951,58 m/s0,93 Nm3,70 Nm1,54 Nm

Combination possibilities Tube/Axle

Tube ØTube wall thicknessTube material optionsAxle Ø
50 mm1.5 mm Steel • Galvanized steel • Stainless steel 11 & 12 mm, 17, 11 & 12 mm

Relationship EL/RL

Tube Ø
Contact Person
Herr Mele —  bei ROS RollenTechnik GmbH

Herr Mele

+49 2542 91886-0
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