ROS Rollentechnik Heavy load rollers
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Heavy load rollers 

ROS manufactures both driven and gravity heavy load rollers with load-bearing capacities of up to 500 kg per roller.

Heavy load rollers with external bearings

ROS heavy load rollers with external bearings are used for conveying both unit loads and bulk material at medium to high loading levels. In addition to the driven version, diverse options are available for combining the individual components, depending on the specific requirement.

Heavy load rollers with internal bearings

In addition to precision deep groove ball bearings, ROS also employs self-aligning ball bearings and spherical roller bearings for its heavy load rollers with internal bearings. In addition to a selection of different tube and shaft designs, powered rollers are also available for use.

Load-bearing rollerTube ØRoller bottomDriven byMax. bearing capacity
50 - 88.9 mm Plastic Gravity 200 kgDetails
63.5 - 108 mm Plastic Gravity 300 kgDetails
50 - 80 mm Steel Gravity 240 kgDetails
63.5 - 108 mm Steel Gravity 500 kgDetails
63.5 - 108 mm Steel Gravity 500 kgDetails
80 - 108 mm Single sprocket 400 kgDetails
88.9 - 108 mm Single sprocket 500 kgDetails
50 - 88.9 mm Double sprocket 100 kgDetails
63.5 - 108 mm Steel Double sprocket 400 kgDetails
80 - 108 mm Double sprocket 500 kgDetails