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ROS Rol­len­Tech­nik. Dri­ving your performance. 

ROS RollenTechnik is a developer of high quality products and innovative solutions and the market leader in conveyor technology accessories.
Our decades of experience and extensive knowledge of various trades and industries make us one of the universal problem solvers in all contemporary goods transfer issues.

The customized conveying solutions you need

How we cater to our customers: Individual modules and extension elements for complete conveyor systems are adjusted precisely to your requirements in terms of size, material or surface structure. The very latest production systems and production methods made in Germany ensure fast and capable development even of special solutions.

Our team of engineers, developers and technicians is continuously improving the quality of our standard components and supplies product innovations that provide clear benefits for our customers – in terms of handling, in the efficiency of your processes and in reducing running costs.


We have been developing conveyor technology solutions since 1973. From the start, we have focused on the innovativeness of our developers and on the particular, individual wishes of our customers.




13 Mio.

Competence since


Our corporate mission statement

All our actions and activities are shaped by our guiding principles.

We are only satisfied when the components and conveyor elements work to our customer’s satisfaction and provide the performance and function they desire.

In order to meet this high standard of ours in our day-to-day work, we have listed the seven most important principles of our corporate philosophy.

Customer benefit priority

The greatest possible customer benefit is always at the forefront of our thinking and action.

Customer focus

A close connection with the working environment of our customers ensures we understand their needs.


“Good enough” is never good enough for us. Only the highest standards of quality work and responsibility of each employee, supplier and service provider ensures the peak performance required to maximize benefits.


We focus on expanding our core skills and strengths instead of getting bogged down in a broad range of activities.

Positive contacts

We want every contact we have with customers to be a positive experience for them.

Social commitment

As a company, we assume social responsibility and see ourselves as committed to lead by example. For us, this means not only donating money to charitable projects but also integrating and considering people in our regions and beyond, who require assistance, in order to achieve a long-term effect.

Social projects that are close to our hearts

We are currently sponsoring three projects, whose support also represents an enrichment for us as a company and our employees. For each project you will find detailed information and a link to the website in the sidebar on the right.

Bunter Kreis Münsterland

We are a sustaining member of the Bunter Kreis Münsterland e.V. This association supports families with chronically and seriously ill children as well as babies born prematurely and with health risks. With a variety of measures from aftercare to counseling and a burial site for prematurely deceased children, the association offers holistic help to the affected families.

As a sustaining member, we wish to support the Bunter Kreis Münsterland e.V. in its fantastic and important work.

Benediktushof Maria Veen

The Benediktushof Maria Veen is a workshop that employs and supports around 170 people with disabilities. People with all kinds of disabilities are thus helped to become independent and are able to take part in education, employment and social life.
For many years, the workshop has supported us with additional work and services in our production - a wonderful partnership we all benefit from.

Deutschland rundet auf (Germany rounds up) Salary donation

The goal of Deutschland rundet auf is to fight child poverty in Germany in an effective way. The foundation collects small donations and thus supports charitable projects, which improve opportunities for the children affected in Germany very effectively.

Our staff donate a fixed amount of their pay every month, starting at € 0.50. As a company we supplement this donation with an annual fixed amount, which ensures that all the salary donations go directly to the projects and are not used for administrative tasks.

We support Deutschland rundet auf, because it is very important to us that every child has a fair chance to have a carefree childhood and a good education.


Experience and quality in conveyor technology

Our experience and the tireless commitment of our employees make themselves felt in the quality of our products.

Only when the customer is satisfied with our product, are we satisfied too. The satisfied customer and the smooth-running use of our conveyor elements and components are therefore the guiding principle of what we do. We do everything to achieve this.

Cooperation and certification

In order for us to meet these high standards today and in the future, ROS RollenTechnik

is active in many areas. Our cooperation with universities and research institutes, the ongoing education of our employees, the use of modern computer tools (such as CAD systems, simulation programs) and not least the continuous improvement process for our products and procedures are aimed at achieving this goal.

The visual expression of our striving for quality is our certification by the TÜV. We have been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2001. In June 2018, we were re-certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.