ROS Rollentechnik ConveyLinx Ai 2
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Controller ConveyLinx Ai 2

  • IP54
  • IP20

Con­troller for 24V motor rollers 

Con­veyLinx Ai2 is the most pow­er­ful and ver­sa­tile con­troller in the Pulseroller prod­uct fam­i­ly. Con­veyLinx Ai can basi­cal­ly con­trol every pos­si­ble appli­ca­tion for 24V motor rollers and gear motors.

Out of the box Con­veyLinx Ai2 is a zero pres­sure accu­mu­la­tion con­trol for two zones. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion from device to device is done by stan­dard CAT 5 Eth­er­net cables and an Eth­er­net based bus. For con­fig­u­ra­tion and set­up Easy­Roll soft­ware is need­ed, which can be down­loaded for free. Once installed, the Lap­top is con­nect­ed to the first or last Con­veyLinx Ai in the sys­tem. From here the auto-address­ing and con­fig­u­ra­tion is start­ed. With­in the con­fig­u­ra­tion timers, speed, direc­tion of rota­tion, accel­er­a­tion and decel­er­a­tion and much more can be set. Track­ing data can be retrieved at any Con­veyLinx Ai mod­ule for local decisions.

Used in more com­plex con­vey­or appli­ca­tions, Con­veyLinx Ai is direct acces­si­ble from a Siemens PLC by ProfiNet with­out the need of any gate­way. All GSD files and UDTs are avail­able. Set up in this way, PLC can access every point of the con­vey­or and manip­u­late accord­ing­ly. Most­ly deci­sion points are influ­ence by PLC, nor­mal con­vey­or oper­a­tion is han­dled by Con­veyLinx Ai inter­nal logic. 

Con­veyLinx Ai2 can also be used as a dis­trib­uted I/O with­out any inter­nal log­ic used. Con­veyLinx Ai can com­mu­ni­cate cer­ti­fied with­in fol­low­ing pro­to­cols: ProfiNet I/O, Eth­er­net IP and Mod­bus TCP. Due to that a reli­able and fast com­mu­ni­ca­tion to major­i­ty PLC is possible. 

If there is the require­ment for a more com­plex sta­tion con­trol with­in the con­vey­or line like trans­fers or diverges, Con­veyLinx Ai can be con­fig­ured to act as a local PLC. It is pro­grammed using the pro­gram­ming tool Con­vey­Logix apply­ing lad­der log­ic or struc­tured text. These spe­cial func­tion­al­i­ty can extend also over two phys­i­cal controllers. 

For con­fig­u­ra­tion data secu­ri­ty a full back­up of the sys­tem can be cre­at­ed very easy and quick. This back­up file is not required for lat­er main­te­nance or adjust­ment work, this can be sim­ply done by an installed Easy­Roll. Just access the con­vey­or sys­tem and start opti­miz­ing it. No project file is required. The back­up file is for restor­ing oper­a­tion con­di­tion if con­fig­u­ra­tion got messed up.


  • Two zone net­work controller
  • Com­pat­i­ble to many dif­fer­ent IP-based pro­to­cols and PLCs
  • Prod­uct Track­ing data han­dling for less PLC programming
  • UL-cer­ti­fied for sys­tems being export­ed to US and Canada
  • Full con­fig­u­ra­tion and programmable
  • Pro­tec­tion rate IP54/IP20
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