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TRAPOROL Roller track Series RS Ansicht 1

Roller track Series RS

    The pal­let roller edge is the most eco­nom­i­cal solu­tion for cross pal­let trans­port. It is main­ly used for flow racks and flow stor­age. The sup­port­ing pro­file is made of steel with high flex­ing and tor­sion­al strength. Hole lines (two) in the bot­tom of the pro­file are des­ig­nat­ed to fix the edge on a sup­port­ing con­struc­tion. The ball bear­ings of the gal­va­nized steel sup­port rollers are main­te­nance free and have a long lifecycle.

    Profile Material

    Sendzimir galvanized steel edg


    55 x 80 x 3 mm


    Galvanized steel rollers ø 50 mm
    Galvanized steel rollers ø 50 mm with guiding disk (FSV) Bearing of the rollers on a steel axle incl. safety nut M8x90 A.


    Upon customer’s request (max. 6500 mm)


    52, 78, 104, 130, 156 mm ...

    The divisions stated in the catalog are only approximate. The exact hole matrix of the roller edge is 16,667 mm ± 0,1 mm. Please state the desired division in your order and observe the stated tolerances.

    If no special tolerance (T1) is ordered, the roller edges are always assembled to make sure that no roller stands out from the edge.

    However, the roller commencement varies by the roller division. If the commencement should be at a precisely specified dimension, additional cutting costs will be charged.

    If the roller commencement (T1) (center of axle) shall be precisely specified , this dimension can only be observed on this side. For the other side only a dimensions can be indicated that matures according to the length of the roller edge with the tolerances of the hole divisions (max. up to ± 8,5 mm).

    Load of the rollers

    150 daN [kg]

    Load of the roller edge

    Results from the section modulus (Wy) in the main load level of 4,6 cm3.
    (Iy: 17 cm3)


    Stop device, abrading stop device, roller protection, connector U profile 55 mm, lateral links (2 pieces), fitting clamp with screw, fitting clamp for hollow chamber profile, slide back lock, set of anchor fittings without anchors for approx. 2500 mm long roller rails with 2,25% decline, set of anchor fittings for floor mounting 2500 mm, set of anchor fittings without anchors for approx. 3700 mm roller rails, set of anchor fittings 3700 mm, anchors MAS 12/25

    Contact Person
    Herr Mele —  bei ROS RollenTechnik GmbH

    Herr Mele

    +49 2542 91886-107
    +49 151 11708355
    +49 2542 91886-199