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News TRA­POROL in the trade press 

23. September 2019

TRAPOROL has been highlighted in the September edition of markt & wirtschaft for its customer-specific solutions in comparison with “rollers off the peg”.

Every conveyor system has its own special characteristics so it can make sense to precisely tailor these to the roller lines that are in direct contact with the transported material. In an interview with markt & wirtschaft Damiano Mele, the Managing Director at TRAPOROL, pointed out that it is precisely this individualisation, combined with the high-quality production of the rollers by TRAPOROL, that meant benefits in throughput, robustness and a long life. Special materials that are particularly heavy, light, large or sensitive require transport rollers with highly specialised specifications that many standard products cannot offer. Mele also sees individualisation as the main reason for TRAPOROL’s enormous spectrum of customers, comprising the most varied sectors. Whether the chemical, automotive, wood, stone, pharmaceuticals or electronics industry: when a precise transport roller set-up is needed, TRAPOROL is the partner of choice.

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