ROS Rollentechnik Press report introduces TRAPOROL
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News Press report intro­duces TRAPOROL 

14. October 2019

How can you manoeuvre large, bulky and heavy piece goods quickly and safely on transport rollers – and do so around corners and across several levels?

The journalists from the magazine markt & wirtschaft attempted to get to the bottom of this question. They found answers at TRAPOROL. Because specialised solutions that make transport rollers into real pacesetters have been developed there for years. But speed isn’t everything, of course. Robustness and safety also have to be added to make a transport process really efficient. To move large heavy parts, such as those made of wood, around corners Damiano Mele recommends conical rollers. The Managing Director of TRAPOROL has been with the company for years, which is why he knows exactly what his customers expect – as well as how these expectations can be met technically. In particular, moving very different transported goods inside the same facility can make designing and implementing transport rollers an extremely complex undertaking. In the article Damiano Mele presents numerous implementation variants that TRAPOROL uses to ensure speed, safety, robustness and efficiency in intralogistics with its transport rollers.

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