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Dri­ven Rollers 

Decisive criteria when choosing driven rollers are the weight and condition of the conveyed goods. In particular, conveying pallets and containers requires especially robust rollers, with a galvanized steel surface, for example.

Rollers with beads

Rollers with single or double beads in combination with a round belt result in a jam-driven roller conveyor for light to medium-weight conveyor items. Operation is not only particularly safe, efficient and fast but also almost completely silent.

Rollers with single sprocket

Rollers with a single sprocket are used in a wide range of bearing types and axial applications. Depending on the application, the rollers are made from steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel or high-quality plastic. They are low in weight and can be used in virtually any work environment.

Rollers with double sprocket

Rollers with double sprockets make a major contribution to your internal goods flow on driven conveyors. Bearing, drive and carrying load are designed precisely for the intended use. The rollers are available in various coatings, which are adapted to the specific conveyed goods.

Rollers with tooth belt sprocket

You can obtain TRAPOROL rollers for conveyor systems with a tooth belt drive in numerous versions. In driven roller conveyors you can use them to transfer light to medium-weight conveyor items. For special applications, the bearings, tube and axle of these rollers are available in stainless steel.

Rollers with poly V head

Poly V rollers have a removable poly V head instead of sprockets. Depending on the load and type of application, the appropriate poly V belts can be used with 2, 3 or 4 ribs. As such, at least double the torque of a round belt can be transferred.